Life is full of endless possibilities, and Tony & Lynda Kirk are one couple that have come together to make the most of every opportunity. Though their individual personalities and tastes may differ from time to time, it’s the common ground they share that gives them a solid foundation for success. Core values of family, faith, friends and community—these are what keep Tony & Lynda on solid ground every day.

Get to Know Tony & Lynda

bio2One thing these two certainly share in common is a passion for an active lifestyle. Whether it’s a trip to the nearby mountains for some hiking and fishing or an evening about town in Sacramento, Tony & Lynda love being right at the heart of it all here in Placer County. That is not to say they don’t also pursue their individual hobbies and interests. Tony enjoys fly fishing throughout beautiful Northern California while Lynda can be found near- by in her kayak. Together, they love to cook and try out new recipes with friends and family. And their favorite past time is spent with their beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Macey Mae.

A Solid Foundation

Those who know Tony & Lynda best will tell you they have two very distinct, yet highly complementary personalities. This gives them a solid foundation, both as husband and wife and as a leading business team. Tony has a quiet confidence about him that stems from his inner drive and focused approach, which is a perfect blend with Lynda’s positive energy and enthusiastic style. At the core of it all, though, they share the same value system, knowing it’s important to stay true to the things that matter most in life. They both serve in their church in mentoring relationships with individuals and married couples. They strongly value what it brings to their life when they can make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Valued Consultants

bio1It’s their shared values and team synergy that also create a solid foundation of success when it comes to their real estate partnership. Both coming from backgrounds in restaurant management, Tony & Lynda firmly believe in the power of excellent customer service. They know that to truly make an impact, it takes listening throughout every facet of the home buying or selling process. Then, they focus every ounce of energy on the personal goals of each and every client.

Tony & Lynda see themselves as consultants in your home purchase or sale. They understand how much your home means to you and your family, and are committed to providing expert guidance and keen insight every step of the way toward success. When you combine Tony’s exceptional negotiation skills and business savvy with Lynda’s personal attention to detail, you get one truly dynamic team giving their absolute best to help you achieve your real estate dreams.

Real Results

If you are buying or selling a home in Placer or Sacramento County, turn to the real estate team with Solid Ground. Solid Results. Call Tony & Lynda Kirk today!